How does it work?

I will post the bunting to you and postage will be included so all you have to do is drop it off at any Royal Mail Post Office.

Who is responsible for putting up the bunting?

You are. Some Marquee or venues may be willing to put it up for you but I advise you check with them to make sure.  I include some tips and tricks in how to put up the bunting so it looks its best.  These come with the bunting in delivery.

When will the bunting be delivered and collected?

I usually dispatch the bunting so it arrives a few days before your event and include a prepaid bag so you can send it back a day or two after your event.  If this doesn't suit you then we can always discuss different options when you book.

What happens if the bunting gets damaged?

Two weeks before you require the bunting I will ask for a deposit against damage, this will be refunded after the bunting has been returned in a good state.  I don't expect it to be prestine, a few dusty marks or a minor tear at worst.  Following my helpful hints in putting the bunting up and taking it down will dramatically reduce the risks of this happening as it helps avoid any issues that could occur.  Please contact me at anytime for advice in putting the bunting up. 

What happens if some of the bunting gets lost?

In the unlikely event that some bunting goes missing, the bunting will be paid from your deposit. We supply a large S.A.E parcel force bag and, so long as the bunting is taken down in one go and put straight into the bag and posted, it can’t go missing!

What happens if I no longer need the bunting, will I get a refund?

If your circumstances change and you no longer need the bunting you have booked and paid for, let me know and I will do our best to rebook your bunting and issue a refund.


If you have any other queries, please feel free to call or email, as I am always happy to talk through your plans and ideas and help solve problems where possible.