Just 'Go and Create'

The best thing about having a passion for sewing is the feeling you get to just 'go and create'. For me, weddings are a huge inspiration - from the bride's dress, to the flowers, to the first dance and everything in between, to me it's the little details that truly make a wedding special. I loved organising my own wedding (it seems so long ago now!) even to the point of saying "What are we going to talk about when the wedding is over?" whilst preparing for it! Now I am lucky enough to still be involved in lots of weddings, as my husband is a wedding photographer. I never tire of looking through the hundreds of photos he takes, and seeing the latest fashions and trends. It's from weddings that I get the inspiration for my bunting

designs. No two weddings are the same because no two brides are the same! Settling down in Somerset really lends itself to rustic and vintage country weddings although we are close to both Bristol and Bath and therefore city weddings do appear as well.

So, whatever your style, theme or colour scheme I would love the opportunity to create a design just for you, so please get in touch to chat through your ideas. 😊

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